The Right Advice Saves Global Advertising Agency’s Key Talent


So long as the ideas keep flowing, age shouldn’t really matter in advertising. Unless one of your key employees discovers he’s too old to apply for permanent residency, that is, and begins planning his journey home. That’s what happened at this global advertising agency in 2018, and the first call was to the incumbent migration agent – who informed them it was game over.



This was going to have a major impact on the organisation, so to avoid the potential loss a creative solution was developed – seek a second opinion. With DMA Migration’s experience in the advertising industry, it made perfect sense to make the enquiry. After taking a brief and reviewing the situation, we advised the employee was eligible for an exemption, and would be able to stay in the country after all.



We lodged the application, which was approved, and the employee still plays a key part in the success of the business. Except now, he’s here permanently. 


“Thank goodness we got a second opinion from DMA. We would have been in real trouble without them. I wouldn’t use anyone else for this now. Our people are just too important. ”

HR Director, Global Advertising Agency