The Global Talent Visa.
Instant permanent residency,
with no ties to an employer.

If you’re living in Australia and want to stay longer, the Australian Government has now made it easier than ever before to live, work and stay in Australia on a permanent basis.


It’s the best, quickest and easiest Visa they’ve ever created, and it even comes with no ties to an employer…

Global Talent Visa Benefits

The Global Talent Visa.
What industries qualify?

You must be actively working in one of the following industries.

The Global Talent Visa.
What kind of proof do they need?

To prove your skills are exceptional and intentionally recognised, you can show evidence of outstanding achievement in the form of registered patents held, professional awards or international publications. Senior roles, qualifications and memberships can also help demonstrate you’ll be an asset to Australia.


You’ll need to show you can demand a salary of at least $158,500 AUD too, and you’ll have no difficulty getting a job in your area of expertise. You can prove this with your existing salary, or job offers showing as much.

The Global Talent Visa.
Is anything else required?

Only that your claims have to be verified by a nominated organisation, or an individual recognised prominently in your field. Nominations must be made by an Australian organisation, citizen or permanent resident, or an eligible New Zealand citizen.

Global Talent Visa

If you’ve read this far and ticked all the boxes, then we can probably help.

We’ll talk you through the process, confirm you qualify, and then get started straight away if you like.