Exceptional minds are thin on the ground At the end of the search, don’t let yourself down.

Everyone in HR is facing the same challenge.

You’ve got to find, develop and retain good people. With skills you might not even have determined as yet. There’s an abundance of roles for great talent, and you’ve got to fight to get them on board.

Employer brand, candidate & onboarding experience are now crucial elements of the mix, and the world’s changing so fast you can hardly keep up.

Here’s how we can help.

Expand your search, and set the bar high 

We can help your business become a sponsor for overseas talent. It’s a one-off process and once we’re done you can expand your horizons. Find the best talent, anywhere, as opposed to simply what’s there. 


Save you time, and put our necks on the line

We’ll let you know who’s got a chance of getting a visa, and who’s not worth talking to. And when it’s time to bring them onboard we’ll increase your chance of success. You’ve done your job, now let us help out.


Embody your brand, and deliver delight

You’ve invested in your brand, spent months on recruitment and when it’s time to deliver, you should be consistent. Who you choose to represent you in this matter says a lot about your organisation. Choose carefully. Choose wisely. Choose someone who can embody the values of your business, then let them get on with it.


Give you more options, when you thought you were done

There are a host of other training, and temporary work visa’s that not many know about. So if you’re stuck give us a call, we can help.

You’ve already done your job. You found a hidden gem who’s going to make waves, now let us take it from here.

“Not only professional and methodical in his approach, but adept in helping manage the stress and anxiety that everyone who goes through this process can relate to. Some migration experts can be cold and see only a numbers game, but the personable approach of DMA made the whole experience far easier to go through. I would highly recommend Angus and DMA for your migration needs.”

Simon English