Emigrate to Australia?
Want to stay longer?
We can help

Want to emigrate to Australia?

In order to fast-track Australia’s recovery from COVID, the Global Talent Visa has been prioritised above everything else. So if you can prove you’re an exceptional talent in a select range of industries, then you might qualify for a Global Talent Visa.

Instant permanent residency. No ties to an employer. Definite route to citizenship.

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Time to go home and you still want to stay?

If you’ve lived in Australia and it’s time to go home, we can understand how you might be disappointed. We’re biased, of course, but we can also help you stay if you like.


– Visa coming to an end, and you want to extend?

– Work winding up but you’d still like to stay?

– Got a new job and need to keep your visa in play?


There are lots of avenues to explore before giving up. It is a maze though, so give us a call and we’ll help.


Global Talent Visa, an option even if you’re already in Australia

If you’re exceptional at what you do, but you can’t get your employer to sponsor you, we might be able to get you permanent residency without being tied to an employer. Sound good…?

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“DMA Migration were outstanding in the handling of my complex visa situation. I went from a partner visa to work visa and then onto my PR all with the support of DMA. Throughout the process they were professional and ever helpful and available. I would highly recommend Angus and the team.”

Richard Millar