Methodical, logical & considered.
Remove the stress and follow the process.

People generally come to us with a project, or a problem.

The project

You give us a call and we go through the process, jump through the regulatory hoops and before you know it, the Visa's on its way.

The problem

You’ve started and run into an issue. A tiny error in the paperwork, a box that wasn’t ticked – whatever it is, you're facing a serious set-back now.

Either way it’s the same approach, really, just with different stress levels attached.

Step 1

Take a Brief.

Well meet to discuss the person you’re hiring, where they’re from and where they’re living right now. Or we’ll zoom if you’re overseas, and we’ll figure out a way for you to emigrate to Australia.

Skilled Working Visa

If they already have a Skilled Working Visa that’s great. If not we’ll assess their eligibility, and if they don’t meet requirements we can’t proceed any further. There’s no charge, and now you know what to look for in the future. If all looks good however, we‘ll plan the route accordingly.

Step 2

Develop an Approach.

The rules change on a regular basis, so whether you’re looking to employ someone on a temporary, or permanent basis – we’ll develop the safest journey possible. 


186 Visa, 482 Visa

It may be a direct entry 186 Visa, or the transfer stream of the 186 Visa if they’re already here. Or the 482 Visa for temporary employment. We’ll discuss these, and other less known options with you, then develop an approach that keeps everyone happy.

Step 3

Execute the Plan.

All the groundwork complete we’ll lodge the nomination for you as the employer, the visa application for your future employee – or the Expression of Interest if you’re going for the Global Talent Visa – and we’re off and running.


We’ll keep in touch throughout, letting you know if there’s any developments and even if there’s nothing to report, we’ll let you know that too. If the regulations change half way through the application we’ll discuss, and adjust our strategy accordingly.


You’ll never be left wondering what’s happening, or what stage in the process we’re at, and eventually it’s done. You’re booking your flight, or your rock star developer is already on board, and you’re planning the welcoming committee.

Step 4

Project Review..

You never learn from your past without stopping to reflect. And so, we review our performance accordingly. Did we deliver on time, to budget and within scope? If not why not? What can be done better next time? Adjust the process – and on to the next project.


We truly believe this gives us an edge over all the other migration agents out there.

We’re the harshest critics of our own work. And the results speak for themselves…


So if you need some help, from someone who knows - then give us a call.

“ …extremely thorough and responsive in his approach ensuring that the application met the standard required within the deadline that we had to work with. Would highly recommend!”

Matthew Harrison