Expand your search for great talent,
and find people no one else can.

Being great at recruitment has never been easy.

You need to be comfortable with CEOs and sales people, read between the lines and judge character like nobody else. You need to match not only skills, but personality and aptitude with a company’s culture, values and purpose.

On top of that there’s a shortage of skills and plenty of roles.
It’s never been easy being great at recruitment, but now, it’s even harder.

Here’s how we can help.

Access to more talent, an edge over your competitors

We make sure any star you find overseas, makes it here safely. So you can cast the net wider, and find talent other recruiters never would. 


Narrow the field, with a time saving filter

There’s no point reviewing, interviewing and spending time with a candidate if they can’t get a visa. We can help. We’ll add another filter to your process, saving you valuable time. 


Prepare your client for sponsorship, to help build their business

We can help your client through the business sponsorship process, providing access to a world of global talent, they wouldn’t have had otherwise.


Put you back in control, with knowledge and confidence

When your candidate is going through the migration process, we’ll make sure you know what’s going on at all times. That knowledge leads to confidence, trust and eventually a happy client, with repeat business for you. 


Provide choice and variety, when you thought there was none

We can also advise, and apply for a range of temporary work and trainings visas.

Migration is complex. Let us be your guide. 

Global Talent Visa’s now available

In order to fast-track Australia’s recovery from COVID, the Global Talent Visa has been prioritised above everything else right now. So if you have a candidate who can prove they’re an exceptional talent they’ll get to the front of the immigration queue. They can live and work in Australia – without being tied to an employer, gaining permanent residency from the day they arrive. And it’s applicable for those already in Australia, who can’t get permanent residency through their existing employer.

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You’ve already done your job. You found a hidden gem who’s going to make waves, now let us take it from here.

“I have been in touch with other companies and migration agents until I found DMA. …the most attentive, responsive and professional Migration agent I have had. The whole process of my application went well. I 100% recommend DMA Migration.”

Vitor Conti